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 If you have any ideas on anything to do with Theatr Fach let everyone  know  here. The only rules are; you must be a member of the society, you  can't be personally offensive (not that any Theatr Fach members would be) but if you feel like blowing your top on reduced Government and or Council funding for the arts feel free to do so under the General Topic Heading.

So this is how it works; you have something to say about something, you submit it in an e-mail to with your e-mail address, name and membership details, it comes to the web-site and gets  put up under the appropriate topic. Simple.

AD sub-Committee A lost opportunity?

Chrissy M-H posted 18/06/2013

What is the real meaning of artistic direction in theatre world? In my experience -- which was before I joined Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society limited to "professional theatre" -- it means the style of the theatre's productions, the general direction of the theatre's aspirations and the sourcing or commissioning of plays and shows. The artistic director or directors need to find productions which not only fit the physical limitations of the theartre and available cast but also the tastes and interests of the possible audience. In the case of Theatr Fach this possible audience is our membership and the population of the  immediate area. Shine as bright as we think we can we are not going to get coach loads of tourists making special day or evening trips to our doors to see our interpretation of a production.

   It therefore falls to the artistic director(s)

 P&P Lost innocence?

Chrissy M-H posted 01/01/2012

"When I first joined Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society, it was DADS then, in 1999 and took over the publicity job, there was a prevalent rumour that the Society did not get enough publicity. The one piece of annually rehearsed anecdotal 'evidence' for this was 'the audience member from Gwynedd' who allegedly said they had no idea there was  a theatre in Dolgellau. After a few  months  of trying to get publicity for the society when there was nothing going on to publicise, I thought it might be a good idea to suggest an extension of  the poetry and prose season.

  At the time the evenings were held once a month through a short season of five or six months  in the autumn/winter from October to March with a break for the pantomime. They were held in the theatre which was  difficult to heat and I can honestly remember one occasion when I was the only other  member of the audience.

  The first p&p evening held in the brand new, almost finished, club room was something

to do with nostalgia and it was memorable probably for the fact that it was a  lot more pleasant and informal in the new space.

  It was only a short time later that  the committee, decided to extend the season and to keep the informal ambience by using the club room for poetry and prose evenings.

  For me it was fantastic. It meant that I could publicise the theatre every month and in those early days I actually contributed to a lot of the evenings.

  The size of the audience didn't matter that much; people were there because they wanted to be and the people who read were quite frequently folk who didn't 'perform on stage'. It was  lovely. People were allowed to laugh and applaud as and when they felt it was appropriate, the themes of the evenings were not set in advance and if sometimes the 'co-ordination' of an evening was not 100% 'professional' it didn't seem to matter. People seemed to enjoy the evenings. I enjoyed them. Sometimes it gave those of us who feel moved to write creatively, whether poetry or prose, an opportunity to present our work alongside more 'recognisable' writers.

  Times  change. Expectations  change. Things move on.

  A poetry and prose evening is not really successful, scarcely merits a mention in Committee Meeting minutes  unless it has a 'full house'.

   I confess I have drifted away from the more organized and dare I say

regimented evenings.

  I think it is  not the size of the audience that makes  a P&P evening -- or any other production -- a success, it's  how  much the audience who did turn up enjoyed it and how  much the organizer of the evening enjoyed doing it.

  P&Ps are special for all sorts of reasons. They are meant to give their audience pleasure and entertainment whilst not having to take the trouble to follow  the sometimes  bum and mind numbingly boring vagaries, twists  and  turns  of a standard 'am-dram' favourite  and they are also meant to give the people who organize them a way of contributing to the life of the theatre even though they may not want to go on stage or direct a 'full length' play.

  And so what if there's only one man or woman and his or her dog or deaf granny and so what if a kettle explodes or someone forgets to bring their glasses or the things they're supposed to read with their glasses.

  Of course it's good if you get a full house but it's not the end of the world if you don't. If your audience has had a good time listening and you've had a good time reading, then, for my money, you've had a resounding success



 Website Comments

Richard Paramor

posted 02/01/2012































 Smashing, Chrissy - it certainly is much quicker to access and easier to search.

The 'previous production' gallery is as right as it can possibly be - and easy to access.  Clearly the photo archive will always be a problem - it can only ever grow   and grow.  I suppose an answer is   to ruthlessly trim the collection and only ever keep the best two or three images of each production, but that itself produces a million pitfalls.  

I think the TF Forum is a good idea for people who like to natter on the web, and your P&P piece was interesting.  Personally, I would never dream of contributing to a 'social network' but, then, I'm just a stupid old looney by modern standards.  So far as I'm concerned the Forum is in Rome, it's birds that twitter, a facebook is a photograph album, and the way to communicate with friends is by carefully considered letter - not in impassionate idiotic codes ever-lastingly jabbed into a portable mobile telephonic contraption.      

The new seating plan is excellent - really excellent.

Down-loading the membership form and theatre hire form was a problem.  Sometimes I got a 'page not found' response, or the form itself looked very jumbled.  Maybe the forms need re-designing, so that a decent pdf can be included.  Do the hire charges need looking at - are they pitched at a logical level?

The map of Dolgellau is a bit difficult to understand - it's the map itself that's jumbled, not the web-page.  I shall see if I can find a better street-map of the town, or if not I'll try to draw one myself.

It was good to see the first images of the costume-hire catalogue.  

I did not see any images of the interior of the theatre, surely I'm wrong - I'll go back and have another look.

When John Bond has completed his negotiations with Ysgol y Gader about the GCSE courses, you will be able to increase the Youth Theatre pages substantially - it will certainly give a greater 'authority' to the whole ethos of the theatre.

ASAP after the next committee meeting, I shall send a paragraph about the updated website to the usual media contacts, and to 'Old Theatres' magazine.

All-in-all I feel the re-vamp gives the website a much more "family" feel.  If I were a newcomer to the area and looked at the site for the first time, I would feel very tempted to become involved.  

Hope these comments help.

Chrissy Moore-Haines reply

posted 05/01/2012

Richard, much thanks for the comments and I have tried to rectify the PDF problems. I did check the hiring information with Richard W so as far as I know it's correct. Perhaps the actual charges could be discussed at a committee meeting.

Julian Jones

posted 03/01/2012

Thanks for informing me of your website work.

It looks fine to me and easy to access different sections.

Regards, Julian (aka Long John Slither)

Chrissy Moore-Haines reply

posted 05/01/2012

Ahoy Cap'n Slither. Thanks for your comments and I'm glad everything works for you with the site.

Re the panto, I would say break a leg but as you only have the one to break that might incapacitate you too much. Hope all goes well.

Dave Collins

poted 03/01/2012

HI Great site well done.  A couple of points i have noticed on the stage measurements the figures  are absent so not much use, i will check and send you the new  measurements as some things have altered, also on the Poetry etc page it on twice?

Chrissy Moore-Haines reply

posted 05/01/2012

Thanks  Dave. I look forward to the correct stage measurements and will put them on site as soon as I receive them.

Re- the double entry for P& P and Productions, I'm afraid that was me trying to be clever and cheap. I have removed the diary items far right of the screen under the menue side bar and put them on to a dedicated page. They are only accessed via the quick view calendar so don't need any more information on the page.

Jacki Evans

posted 04/01/2012

Congratulations Web-Wizardess, it looks great! I've only just had a chance to look properly on my laptop.

I love the scrolling banner on the home page, and it all has a much more modern look. Just the right amount of photos etc.

I didn't have any problems opening anything.

See you soon, Jacki x

Chrissy Moore-Haines reply

posted 05/01/2012

Thank you Jacki. Very glad everything worked as it should. I thought folk might find the opening curtains and the scrolling banner a bit tedius but the banner does draw  attention to the thing we're trying to plug and once the script is there all you have to do is change the content. Simples.

 Closed Topic

Members' personal pages

Chrissy M-H

Posted 06/01/2012

 Some time ago, when I started on the new  design for the web site, I asked members who have personal pages on the site if they wanted to change anything on their pages. As I have received no requests to change anything can I assume that everyone is  happy with their pages?

New Topic

Web Site News!

Chrissy M-H

Posted 03/04/2012

Having just read through the Theatr Fach News Letter and uploading the same (web formatted)  to the web site ( newsletter ) I noticed that the web site doesn't get a mention at all, that's despite the extensive upgrade in January. I don't recall being asked to submit anything regarding the Website but with the amount of my own work I have to do at the moment it wouldn't surprise me if this was an oversight on my part. (sorry Richard if you did e-mail me and ignored you. Not intentional)

I have decided that in future I will notify members by e-mail when anything is happening on

I don't want to push the website over any other form of communication just offer it as  an additional resource for Theatr Fach members.

 New Topic (General)

Sylvia Williams

Treasured DADS member dies

Richard Paramor

 Sylvia Williams had been involved in many productions, especially pantomimes, with Dolgellau Am Dram Society and then with Springfield Street Productions.  She couldn't play an active part in more recent times because her health had been failing over the last few years.  Iím told Sylvia always had a great sense of humour and could sing, even if she struggled to remember her lines! Also a great costume maker, make-up artiste, flower arranger, set-dresser, chief cook and bottle-washer! In other words....a trouper.   Even until recently, Sylvia frequently attended productions at Theatr Fach.

 Sylvia Williams

 Wyndham and Chrissy  Moore-Haines

 Very sorry to hear of the death of Sylvia. She was a great performer and my memories of her are all good and mostly humorous. She was terrific and very professional in everything she did. Wyndham Moore-Haines

My most recent memory of her was asking her to sing in The Prize in 2010 which sadly  she couldn't do. She had a great love of theatre and of life. Condolences to her family and other friends Chrissy


 Sylvia with Ed Penney                                  Sylvia under the spot light









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