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Poetry & Prose Listings 2013

 Saturday December 14 th

7.30 p.m

Christmas  Humbug

Poetry & Prose Listings 2014

 Friday February 21st

7.30 pm.

A Poetry and Prose Evening

Trains and Parcels

and Letters

Tickets: 3.50

Details: Julian and Pat Jones

01341 421 856

Friday March 21st

 7.30 pm

A Poetry and Prose Evening

Guys and Dolls

Tickets: 3.50

Details: Christine Jones

01341 422 680

Friday April 25th 7.30 pm

A Poetry and Prose Evening

Family Tree

Tickets: 3.50

Details: Jacki Evans

01341 423 813









In its earlier days, DADS (Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society) held a shorter season of Poetry and Prose evenings and they were generally held in the theatre because until 1998/99  the Club Room, did not exist.

Now, DADS has regular Poetry & Prose evenings usually held on the third Friday of the month (unless the theatre is being used by someone else or other things are happening locally) and anyone can organize them. You don't even have to read yourself or even be there. You'll get all the help you need to organize an evening and you'll almost  certainly get folk willing to read and contribute in other ways; making the tea, taking the money, making sure the washing up is done, the doors unlocked and locked. If you want to do it contact any committee member or e-mail us here at the web-site and things will be set in motion.

  Poetry and Prose evenings are also another good introduction to theatre and performance -- along side pantomime -- for young people who maybe don't have the confidence to actually go on stage and deliver lines they've had to learn in the context of a full length production

 Saturday December 14 th

7.30 p.m

Christmas  Humbug

 Friday February 21st

7.30 pm. .

Friday March 21st

7.30 pm


Friday April 25th

7.30 pm