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Productions 1978/1985

Productions 1986/1995


Productions 2005/2010

Productions 2011

Sample images from 1994 to 2004

Past productions plays

Pasts productions pantomimes & summer shows

Theatr Fach has been around a long time.

Below most of the productions have been listed, from the very earliest days of Dolgellau Amateur Dramatic Society when it put on its productions at the Neuedd Idris to the present day.

Where there are pictures of productions they have been put in to galleries which can be accessed by clicking on the production title. Only those productions marked with  (G) have galleries.

Most of the photos  have been supplied by Dave Collins.

All productions prior to 2005 that have galleries are marked(G) (A) and have been carefully archived. They can be accessed quite easily by e-mailing a request to subject line 'archived galleries'. Please include; your name and or Theatr Fach membership details, your e-mail address (for the archive link) and the name(s) of the gallery(ies) you would like to see

 You can also see representative images from previous productions.Click HERE or by selecting the appropriate link in the document links menu

Productions 2005 -- 2010

2005 Spinning the round table(HJ)

2005 Aladdin (G)

2006 The Coffee Lace (G)

2006 From here to absurdity

2006 Estelle's Fire (HJ)

2006 Rats (G)

2007 Murder mystery (G)

2007 The long way home (HJ)

2007 Alice (G)

2008 Costa packet (CMD)

2008 Nobody's Fool (G)

2008 The other woman (HJ)

2008 Dickens at Christmas

2009 Blithe Spirit (G)

2009 Guliver (HJ)

2009 Oz  (G)

2010 Match for match (G)

2010 Glittering Prizes (The Visit & The Prize)G

2010 Ill met by moonlight (H.J)

2010 Cinderella (G)

 Productions 2011 --

2011 Ladies in retirement (G)

 2011From Here to Absurdity (G)

  2011 Very Hard Times

 2012 Snow White and Ye Seven Pirates

 2012 When we are married.

 2012 Ten Times Table

 2013 A murder has been arranged



Productions 1978 -- 1985

1978 Lloyd George knew  my father

1978 Dick Whittington

1979  Blithe Spirit

1979 Jack and the Beanstalk

1980 Wild Goose Chase

1980  Christmas Carol

1981  They don't grow on trees

1981  Aladdin

1982 Bedroom Farce

1982  Cinderella

1983 Babes in the wood

1984 The Government Inspector

1984 Puss in Boots

1985 Under Milkwood

1985 Doctor in the house

1985 Tom, the piper's son

Productions 1986 -- 1995

1986 Night must fall

1986 Robinson Crusoe

1987 Boeing Boeing

1987 Sing a song of sixpence

1988 Post horn gallop

1988 Red spy at night

1988 The Browning Version

1988 The Wizard of Oz

1989 The Enquiry

1989 Oliver

1990 Table Manners

1990Christmas Crackers

1991 Living Together

1991 Gareth and the lost gold

1992 An Inspector Calls

1992 Robin Hood in space

1993 Death Trap

1993 Keyed up

1993 A Dickens of a Christmas

1994 All for Mary

1994 The Magic Ring (G) (A)

1995 Murder in the cathedral (G) (A)

1995 VE Day 50th Anniversary (G) (A)

1995 Pull the other one (G) (A)

1995 Christmas Capers (G) (A)

Productions 1996  -- 2004

1996 First Knight too

1996 The Duchess of Malfy (G) (A)

1996 Summer Revue

1996 The Ice Crystal (G) (A)

1997 Separate Tables (G) (A)

1997 Tomb with a view (G) (A)

1998 Jack & the Beanstalk (G) (A)

1998 The living Room (G) (A)

1999 Cinderella (G) (A)

1999 Our Town on TV (G) (A)

2000 Enjoy (G) (A)

2000 Under Milkwood (G) (A)

2001 Shoes (G) (A)

2001  Good Show (G) (A)

2001 Another Good Show (G) (A)

2001 Ill met by moonlight (HJ)

2002 Rats (G) (A)

2002 Truth and lies (G) (A)

2002 Dreaming Amelia (HJ)

2003 Snow White (G) (A)

2003 Fish out of water (G) (A)

2003 Summer variety show

2003 I shot Buffalo Bill (HJ)

2004 Aladdin (G) (A)

2004 Comedy double bill (G) (A)

2004 Christmas at Theatr Fach

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